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Montana Marketing is a commercialisation company

We specialise in conducting proof of concept development on early stage technology based ideas submitted by academic researchers.

The Intellectual Property (IP) is evaluated by our experts with a full evaluation of the next steps for commercial development. A spin-out may be an option or licensing to end customers either directly or through our industry partners who specialise in product development.

Our knowledge of academic centres of excellence and contacts with Universities around the world assists in the identification and development of new technical solutions for clients. Montana Marketing’s database of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) is extensive which allows us to give the best unbiased qualitative and quantitative research for early and next step technology commercialisation.

Diagnostic, life science early stage technology investigations

Commercial Case Market Feasibility

Researchers who have not had funding previously from the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Programme are encouraged to consider the Commercial Case Feasibility Support.

Funding is provided to engage external consultants or domain experts (such as Montana Marketing) to undertake the following activities as required for an innovation/project idea:

  • Market analysis and validation
  • Performing primary and secondary market analysis to identify the commercial opportunity
  • Engage with customers, end-users, Industries and other relevant stakeholders particularly focusing on developing the exploitation route in Ireland
  • Profile competitor landscape.
  • Perform patent landscaping and develop the IP strategy.
  • Investigate potential routes for exploitation to the economic benefit of Ireland.
  • Understand the regulatory issues or other barriers/hurdles to commercialisation.

Expert insights can be provided by Montana Marketing to bring your project to life.

As an initial step, the university/college researcher must partner with their Technology Transfer or equivalent office to prepare and submit their application. An online application system is available at Enterprise Ireland for application preparation and submission

Commercialisation Follow-on Investigation

Typically, once a Commercial Case Feasibility marketing investigation is complete, the researcher can apply for the follow-on funding known as the Commercialisation Fund.

The Commercialisation Fund Project Support is available for projects that address a gap or need in the market by developing innovations that will ideally be ready for licensing to Irish industry or may form the basis of a new start-up in 2 to5 years. It is recognised however that some innovations may need a longer time to get to market than others.

Funding is also available in the form of a Commercial Case Feasibility Grant to investigate, scope and develop a commercial case for your innovation in advance of submitting a Commercialisation Fund support application to the programme. Montana Marketing has the experience and depth of knowledge to perform these particular Commercialisation Follow-on Investigations.

Montana Marketing

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