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AVOID – Aircraft Vehicle Detection

AVOID – Aircraft Vehicle Detection


Ground damage costs the aviation industry up to $10B annually and is the third most common of all accident classification in aviation.


Aircraft Vehicle Detection (AVoiD) is a patent pending sensor platform for monitoring and reporting of contact and near-contact incidents between Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and stationary aircraft. Available 24/7, this non-intrusive approach works silently in the background providing instant reports with proximity and video evidence. The cloud-based software implementation gives real-time access to reports as well as sending text alerts when safety limits are breached.


  • Peace of mind for Ramp/Station/Training, Managers
  • Proof of innocence for accident investigations
  • Training and safety aid for ramp personnel
  • Advantageous in bidding for new contracts.



  • Monitors the safety distance between the GSE and stationary aircraft
  • Full visibility via video of the proximity of any GSE within millimetres to an aircraft
  • Connects to any PC or mobile devices: cloud based solution
  • Quick installation: Can be installed in less than a day
  • Easy to use: Less than one hour training of the system



“AVoiD is a tool which I have no doubt could be used by station managers daily and across our network”

Damien Alford: Ramp Station Manager: Swissport


“Covering up mistakes can make things worse, AVoiD can demonstrate if the correct procedure was followed”

Thomas Leonard: Ramp Safety Training Coordinator: Ryanair



Successful completion of preliminary validation trials in a live airside operational environment with Ryanair and Swissport in Dublin and Shannon airports.


School of Engineering, Institute of Technology Carlow.



Dr. Dorel Picovici


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Katrina Bradley

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