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The Digital Building Handbook

The Digital Building Handbook

The Digital Building Handbook (DBH) is currently under development.  The DBH is an interactive digital device that enables the end-user to manage and leverage a repository of all the data that is associated with their building, be it domestic, light utility or commercial.


What problem does it solve?

Paper-based methods of data transfer and storage are becoming less common, as drawings and important documentation can be damaged, stolen or lost very easily. Also, the capacity to store such a large amount of drawings/documents in filed systems may not be available.



The Digital Building Handbook (DBH), is a digital information platform in the form of a bespoke device, that will encapsulate the metadata associated with the construction of a building and deliver it to the end-user as a personalised, easy to navigate interactive repository for their building. In many ways, similar to a service book/manual for a car.


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to “use and deploy” digital interfaces for portal and metadata access.
  • Third party regulatory compliant and authenticatable secure back-end database storage.
  • A repository containing all project particulars ranging from material specification to contractor details.
  • Asset management tool



The Digital Building Handbook (DBH), is currently being developed with a target audience being the building owner, be that in a domestic or commercial sense. Given the potential of the building industry at present, in both Ireland and the UK (in excess of 1 million new homes in the next 5 years.We are looking to develop this concept into a viable commercial entity and seek expressions of interest from prospective clients.


The BIM Collective Research Group, Waterford Institute of Technology



Robin Stubbs
Gordon Chisholm



Commercial Contact

Pat Bradley

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