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Holmes – Automated Fraud Detection

Holmes – Automated Fraud Detection

Holmes is a high speed, easy-to-use, cloud based solution that allows investigators to include social media analysis to generate a more accurate picture of a suspected fraudulent claim.


  • Automates fraud detection
  • Greatly increased accuracy
  • Improved connection insights
  • Secure cloud-based solution
  • Avoids costly ‘Enterprise Application’ installations
  • Increases productivity and case throughput
  • Integrates into existing anti-fraud workflows
  • Increases the ROI from fraud investigation by reducing cost of suspect claim analysis


Use Cases:

  • Staged crash fraud: Reveals relationship rings
  • Claim buildup: Shows client activities incompatible with claims
  • Hangout analysis: Show locations common to claimants
  • Compliance and evidence: Complies with EU DPO and accepted as evidence in courts

Pain Points:

  • Insurance fraud detection is slow and labour intensive
  • Overlooked or missed relationships reduces accuracy
  • Enterprise level solutions are complex and costly.


  • A cloud based solution which directly integrates into SIU workflows and automates the process of searching through social media websites to show connections between claimants
  • Lists friends, likes and timeline data from all individuals involved in a claim
  • Displays all connections which are graphically shown on an interactive dashboard
  • Allows individuals to be added or removed from the case and notes added where necessary
  • Significantly reduces the time required to detect and map out all connections in a claim case
  • Consolidates the process of fraud detection into one easy to use application
  • Uses multiple information sources, both off- and online



Trinity College Dublin

Dublin City University


Enterprise Ireland



Joris Vreeke

Darragh Blake

Gabriel Hogan


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Katrina Bradley

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