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Ocular Microtremor Measurement Technology: i-tremor

Ocular Microtremor Measurement Technology: i-tremor

Ocular Microtremor (OMT) is a very tiny (12 to 216µrad) and high frequency (20 to 150Hz) physiological tremor of the eye present in all individuals. The frequency of eye tremor is known to change with levels of consciousness; for example the tremor slows under anaesthesia and in coma providing clinical value for determining brain status. Very few clinical measures exist that can give such a straightforward, quantitative measure of brain activity as OMT.


Until now clinical uptake of OMT has been hampered by a lack of suitable measurement instrumentation. Here we introduce i-tremor, a non eye contacting, easy to use OMT measurement device with the potential to revolutionise the application of OMT in clinical practice. The device has been developed from many years of clinical and technical research on OMT at Trinity College Dublin and St. James’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.


i-tremor offers the following advantages:

  • Easy to use – the portable handheld device can be used at the bedside;
  • Immediate – no set-up is required and a reading of OMT frequency can be obtained in approx. 30 seconds;
  • Quantitative – the device gives direct and clear measure of brain status.


Trinity College Dublin

St. James’ Hospital



Dr. Gerard Boyle

Dr. Mindaugas Norkus


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