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Patient-Centred Mobile Cloud Platform and Healthcare Applications (PACEMC)

Patient-Centred Mobile Cloud Platform and Healthcare Applications

Improving the patient experience and comfort, with access to their own health data

The Problem

The current hospital-centred healthcare system does not have the capacity and resources to meet the needs of a rapidly aging population. Chronically ill patients, in particular, require timely clinical decisions and communication, as well as availability and reassurance from their medical team.


The Solution

The PACEMC solution is based on a smart device allowing patients continuous and secure access to their data, doctors and care resources. With a mobile device already set up, handed over to the patient when leaving the hospital, the patient will be a click away from all the functionalities of the system, e.g. access to doctors, access to their health data and access to useful internet resources at any time and from anywhere.

This system will empower the patient with the control of their health data including Electronic Health Records (EHR) and the possibility to communicate with consultants. The patient is at the centre of this system, pro-actively managing their health condition. The enhanced communication between patients and consultants leads to a better overall experience, greater efficiency and reduced operational costs.


Benefit to Consultants

  • More timely intervention for pain management leads to better follow-up scheduling
  • Provides analytical data when patients are at home
  • Current data – useful for research and audits
  • Facilitates a better communication flow with patients
  • Increase the relationship with remote patients
  • Allows for different care groups to co-ordinate better


Benefits to Patients

  • Access to own health records to view their condition overtime and in graphical formats
  • Ability to control who can access data via an access list decided with the consultant
  • Automatic trigger alerts to a consultant if patient conditions deteriorate
  • Electronic pain diary, medication diary
  • Access to chat/video sessions
  • Access to relevant online resources
  • Save time, energy and money by reducing the number of hospital visits
  • Become actively involved in the management of their own health care


  • Login, fill in forms, view data, chat sessions
  • The system will store the history of actions and learn from them (machine learning)
  • Services include – FAQ, builds a community of patients with similar concerns, interactive videos
  • Any unauthorised access will be stopped and notified to the owner and the system admiration
  • All personal data will be encrypted


The Opportunity

A working prototype is in place. The plan is to expand the platform to include other disorders. We are currently seeking expert feedback and partners to develop this technology. There are government grants available to bring this concept to fruition.


University College Cork

Office of Technology Transfer



Dr. Dan Grigoras, Computer Science Dept



Commercial Contact

Katrina Bradley

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