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PILO – Personalised Independent Living Opportunities

Personalised Independent Living Opportunities

Basic overview:

PILO platforms are companion applications accessed on a personal computer, mobile and/or smart phone device that help individuals living with chronic illness learn about the various aspects of their condition and how best to self-manage at home.


What Problem does it Solve / Advantages?

Adjusting to life with a chronic condition is a difficult and complex task. This can be made even more daunting due to lack of knowledge on what the condition is and how best to manage post hospital discharge. We feel this shouldn’t be the case and wish to present a new companion that helps individuals navigate this difficult life experience and give the knowledge and confidence needed to begin to self-manage and potentially improve and maintain a high quality of life.

Current mobile assistive technologies do not fully address user centric psychology based design principles behind the motivational uptake, adoption and sustainability of assistive and enabling technology. PILO’s bespoke design is based on behavioural health  psychology research to increase patient knowledge, self-efficacy, internal control and quality of life via a self-management home learning service.

  • Based on behavioural change research.
  • Personalised system to suit needs and goals.
  • Supported by a user-needs driven needs service


Possible Applications:

Initial applications are currently being prototyped for development in Stroke and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The system framework is translatable to other chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and multiple sclerosis to name a few.

Technology and Patent Status:

The PILO application will be developed across multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Currently we are at proof of concept stage/prototype development phase.

Multi-media content to populate the platform and facilitate the learning process in COPD has been developed by a team at TCD with support from Intel. PILO has the approval to use the bespoke design principles from this research which will add to their health psychology and behavioural change research to build this unique platform and service.


Trinity College Dublin



Dr. John Dinsmore,
Dr. Catherine McCabe & Dr. Anne-Marie Brady & Dr. Vivienne Crawford (QUB)


Commercial Contact:

Katrina Bradley

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