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Smart Patient Packet Insert Summarized (S-PPIs)

Smart Patient Packet Insert Summarized (S-PPIs)


Patient Packet Inserts provide medication information which is often disregarded or the language is too scientific to understand. Smart Patient Packet Insert Summarized (S-PPIs) is a software solution that combines multiple medications into a short, relevant, electronic interface. S-PPIs selects the information that is available online and simplifies it into everyday language that can be customized to an individual’s requirements.


Recently, the US healthcare system started imposing penalties on hospitals with excessive readmissions. Hospitals now need to encourage better patient aftercare, such as improved drug adherence. Failure to comply, results in penalties. The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) stated that in general the pharmaceutical industry has not maintained medication information fit for the 21st century healthcare environment.


S-PPIs is being developed across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows allowing for the medication information to be personalized. This will empower patients to better understand and manage their medication regime.

Possible Applications:

Initial applications are currently being prototyped for use with patients managing a medication regime such as the elderly or the visually impaired.

Benefits to the Patient:

  • Provides an Executive Summary of one or more Patient Packet Inserts.
  • Provides a drop down for more in-depth information.
  • Makes it easier for the patient to read i.e. larger font size, icons settings.
  • Summarizes the benefits and risks of the medication.
  • Encourages patients to adhere to their drug schedule, thereby lowering healthcare costs.
  • Personalized medication details that are stored securely and remotely.


Benefits to the Pharmacist:

  • Provides inexpensive personalized medication information.
  • Patient information can be easily imported.
  • Patient details are stored securely and remotely in accordance with HIPAA.
  • Facilitates the building of a closer relationship with the patient.

Benefit to the Healthcare Professionals:

Unbiased medication summaries will enable quicker decisions, saving time, money, and lives.


University of Limerick



Dr. Ita Richardson,

Marie Travers BSc MSc


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Katrina Bradley

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